Frequently Asked Questions

This is a no-brainer.  Anyone who has a reserved space and doesn’t use it every day, and anyone who sometimes needs a spot and none are available, except for those empty reserved spots.

The lack of parking spaces forces people to decide between illegally parking, parking far away, or driving in to work.  We deal with all three with this solution.  By freeing up parking spaces people are saved from driving into work.  This reduces our carbon footprint and helps us do our small part.  

The cost is X amount per X.

We created this because we knew this was a big problem for our mom.  The more we asked about this, the more we learned that this wasn’t just something that affected our family, but that affected many others in the community.

This is not and can be a monthly serice.

Signing up is simple.  In the upper right corner you will see a link to login.  Or simply click here as well.  Click on that and follow the steps.

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